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Holding an Audio Conference
What can I do with OpenVoice audio conferencing?

OpenVoice audio conferencing enables you and others to connect any time using reservationless standalone audio conferencing for up to 500 participants without operator assistance. Our simple and intuitive web controls makes moderating audio conferences incredibly easy. You can start a conference call immediately from a phone or schedule one for later on the web or through Outlook.

What does reservationless or ad-hoc conference calling mean?

Reservationless or ad-hoc conference calling means that you do not need to schedule or reserve bridge capacity for a meeting. As a meeting organizer, you can hold meetings 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

How is OpenVoice audio conferencing different from competing products?

OpenVoice audio conferencing:

· Offers lower costs with no hidden fees for reliable, high-quality audio conferencing.

· Gives administrators full control over end-user management with real-time provisioning and cost-center management.

· Includes an easy-to-use web interface with easy recording and active speaker and audio controls.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to purchase OpenVoice audio conferencing, need a demo or pricing information, or have questions about the service, please contact sales at 1800 451 485 or through one of our worldwide offices.

What is the pricing model for corporate accounts?

Pricing for OpenVoice is based on a per-minute rate. Contact sales at 1800 451 485 for pricing information.

Are new countries going to be added to the international toll and freephone service?

Based on customer requests, new country dial-in numbers are continually being added. If you have a specific country requirement that is not currently available, please contact sales or your account manager.

How do international freephone dial-in numbers work?

The international freephone access numbers are only available for a particular participant in a particular country.


For example, only participants in Belgium should dial the Belgium international freephone number. The freephone international Belgium number(s) will not work for participants in other countries.

What are the different ways I can start or schedule a conference call?

You can start or schedule a conference call in three different ways:



· Call the appropriate dial-in number from the country list.

· Enter your conference room number and moderator PIN.

· Give participants the dial-in number and conference room number – no reservation necessary.



· Make sure you have the OpenVoice Outlook Plugin installed.

· From Outlook, click the Schedule OpenVoice Conference button.



· Log in and click Invite and Schedule under My Conferences.

· Add your contacts' names and email addresses.

· Call the appropriate dial-in number from the country list.

· Enter your conference room number and moderator PIN.

How does the Outlook plugin work?

The Outlook plugin allows you to schedule OpenVoice audio conferences directly from your Outlook calendar.


To use it, make sure you have the OpenVoice Outlook Plugin installed. Then, from Outlook, click the Schedule OpenVoice Conference button.

Do I have to be logged on to the OpenVoice website to schedule, conduct or control an OpenVoice audio conferencing call?

No. The organizer for a conference room does not have to log into the website to schedule, conduct or control a conference call. OpenVoice is a reservationless conferencing service which provides each organizer with a fixed set of access numbers, a conference room and an organizer PIN for use at any time. The organizer can choose to manage a call by using phone commands or web controls.


However, there are benefits to using the organizer web portal. These include web controls for audio, hand raising, usage reporting and web-based scheduling to enhance the meeting management experience.

Can the organizer create a security PIN per meeting?

Yes. Organizers can enable the security PIN feature clicking Yes to "Implement a per session security code set by the host" option. You can see the Settings tab when you log in as an organizer.

Can conference calls have a charge code assigned to them?

Yes, there is a charge code feature available. The charge code feature allows the organizer to input a number prior to the start of a meeting. The organizer may also set up a default charge code in the online portal. This number will then appear at the end of billing cycle for those meetings associated with it.


The charge code feature allows companies to use and sort the billing data for chargeback purposes.

Is there a roll call feature?

Yes. The organizer can enable the Roll Call option in the Settings page when you log in as an organizer.


The organizer can hear a playback of all participants in attendance on a conference call by pressing the phone command #3.

Can there be multiple organizers on a call?

Yes, multiple organizers can be logged into one conference call. However, only one organizer PIN and conference room can be used to join a conference.


Note: When multiple organizers connect to the meeting with the organizer conference room and PIN, they will all appear on the online participant list as organizers.

Is there a way to mute all other participants?

The Lecture Mode feature mutes all participants on the conference except the organizer(s). Most conference sound disturbances are caused by multiple participants speaking simultaneously or background noises in the conference. By using Lecture Mode, all participants except the host or organizer are muted, thus improving the sound quality of the conference. The organizer can enable this feature by pressing *8 on his or her phone keypad.


Pressing the first time puts the conference in lecture mode, but participants can still unmute themselves to speak.

Pressing the second time puts the conference in lecture mode and participants cannot unmute themselves.

Pressing the third time turns off Lecture Mode.

Can muted participants request to be unmuted?

Hand Raising is a feature enabled when the conference is in Lecture Mode that alerts the host that a muted participant has a question and would like to speak. The participant activates Hand Raising by pressing *9 on his or her telephone keypad. A yellow hand icon will appear on the organizer's web controls screen to alert him or her of the participant who would like to speak.

What type of data usage can the organizer see?

The organizer web portal provides usage summary information for his or her conference room only.


By navigating to the Minute Usage/Usage History page, the organizer can see a breakdown of usage information per meeting for the past one month, three months or six months.

Is there a time limit for how long a conference call can be in session?

No. However, please note that the individual maximum call duration is heavily dependent on the various telecommunications carriers that transport the call on your phone. This is especially true for international callers, as their calls may transit through various carriers before reaching the OpenVoice bridge. In general for U.S. toll calls, our carriers support at least a six-hour call duration. For U.S. toll-free calls, our carriers support calls of at least a nine-hour duration.

Is there an operator-assisted option available?

No. OpenVoice calls are reservation-less and do not require an operator. Our web controls allow you to conduct large conference calls with ease.

Is there a separate charge for listening to recordings?

No. After the meeting has ended, an organizer can download the recording in MP3 format to his local computer and distribute it to the meeting participants.

For what length of time are call recordings stored online?

The recording will be stored up to the maximum period of 365 days (12 months) at no extra charge.

What is the maximum length of a recorded conference call?

The system can record up to four hours of a conference call, even if the recording isn't continuous. The organizer can stop/start a recording multiple times during a conference call during the four-hour period and still generate one recording file. However, after that period, the recording can be immediately restarted for calls lasting longer than four hours.

How long after a conference call is the recording file made available?

The recording is available approximately 30 minutes after the close of a conference call. However, longer recordings may take additional time.

Can the organizer assign names or titles to conference call recordings through the organizer portal?

Yes, each recording can have a contextual name assigned to it.

How do I download a recorded conference call?

As an organizer, you will find all your recorded conferences stored on the Recordings page. The recording is saved in MP3 format and can be downloaded to your computer.

Can I have more than one administrator for my account?

Yes, multiple administors are allowed to manage for the entire account or specified groups.

Can an administrator create customized group names?

Yes, an administrator can use alpha-numerical characters to label a group by name, such as department name or cost center.

Will changing preferences in the Administration Center change all organizer preferences?

User Settings changes in the admin center are only inherited by "new user" accounts created from that point forward. User Settings modified on the admin center do not affect previously created organizer accounts. However, you can make preference changes to existing organizer accounts by contacting your account admin.

What are phone commands?

Organizer phone commands are telephone/dial-pad control functions that allow them to manage the conference call.


The phone commands are:

*1  Play features menu

*2  Mute/unmute organizer line.

*5  Hear the number of callers.

*6  Lock or unlock the conference so that additional attendees may not join.

*7  Start or stop the conference recording.

*8  Lecture Mode: Mute or unmute all lines except for the host's and enable hand-raising.

Pressing *8 for the first time puts the conference in lecture mode but participants can still unmute themselves.

Pressing *8 for the second time puts the conference in lecture mode and participants cannot unmute themselves.

Pressing *8 for the third time turns off Lecture Mode.


#1  Entry/exit beeps on or off.

#2  Allow conference to continue after the organizer hangs up.

#3  Roll call of participants (if enabled)


Also, you can view a complete list of phone commands and web button controls by logging into with your organizer login credentials.

If I am a participant in a conference call, how do I manage my phone line?

*1  Play features menu.
*2  Mute or unmute your participant line.
*5  Hear the number of attendees.
*9  Raise your hand to ask a question (in Lecture Mode).

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve my password?

To retrieve your password:

1. Go to the Forgot Password? page.

2. Enter the email address you use to log in to your account.

3. Click Continue to receive an email containing a link to create a new password.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, please contact your account manager or Global Customer Support for assistance at 1800 136 402 or direct dial +1 805 617 7017.

How do I get technical or billing support?